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Learning Experiences

Again this year teaching will focus on those of us who do not show, where ribbons are something that you wrap a gift with, and winning is finally mastering that smooth transition from trot to canter. Where your old saddle fits your horse perfectly and you are comfortable with the lead line you have had for 15 years. It continues to be where time with your horse can be either undemanding time or teaching him to trust you over the water box. 

 That is not to take away from those who do compete and wish to understand horses from a perspective of relationship building as this will only enhance what you are already doing with your horse.

Join me for a positive learning experience where you will leave with knowledge, goals, practical exercises, and ongoing support along your progress. Each of the clinics has a particular theme and I welcome you to click on each to read with more detail what the theme will be.

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Individual Clinic Information

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