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Trail Riding Training   (Mounted) 

A 2-Day Learning Experience

July 6 -7, 2024

This is NOT a trail-riding clinic. This is instead a clinic for training preparation for trail riding and should be a pre-requisite for everyone before riding out on the trail.

We will be covering different skills that would match the level of "spook" your horse is showing you. On the second day, we will be using controlled catastrophe activities to practice what you have learned in a safe controlled way. When we can practice with the knowledge, it becomes automatic when we need it.  You will be learning the tools to develop and help your horse and yourself be safe on the trail.

Among your skill set will be:

  1. an emergency1 rein stop - making this a first response

  2. hindquarter yield - removing the thought of bolting

  3. relaxed rein - asking for relaxation by bringing your horse back to you

  4. mounting out on the trail - safe mounting out on the trail

  5. facing the danger - skills needed in the face of danger

  6. riding with others - changing places in the line and being partners no matter what the order is 

  7. a great strategy to avoid following too close

  8. sensitizing to bikes and ATVs


Be prepared not lucky!!!!

Cost : $350 (Limit of 6 students)

Includes: 12 hours of instruction


                 day stall

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