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Pathways To Presence


A Journey To Awareness

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Retreat Conference

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June 21-23

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Join us for a very special weekend that is unique to our horses and to you. Learn how to connect, align, synchronize, and flow your energy so that you can be a greater partner for your horse through the power of intention, and living in the moment. Living in the moment is much harder than it sounds but we can all enrich our lives just a little bit more by learning techniques and applications that will help us to do just that.

Throughout the full 3 days, you will be here, you will be introduced to a variety of practices by professional facilitators who specialize in their areas. Each area will show us just a sampling of practices that are available for us to practice one in mind (thought), heart (coherence), and body (movement). Holistic approaches of Sound Meditation, Yin Yoga, Drumming Circles, QiGong, Forest Bathing, and the study and practice of Mindfulness are a few areas that we will be experiencing together. 

While you are welcome to bring your horse to practice mindfulness and attunement, you may also want to take everything in on your own and then return home to be with your horse to practice. Note: please read the article

"Should I Bring My Horse" on this webpage. 


You will be learning in the beautiful forest and property here at Dream Feather. Your experiences will be yours forever with Judy Griffiths owner of Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre and Natural Horsemanship teacher as your host and guide during this retreat conference.

These practices are so powerful they will not only transform you from the inside out, but they will also teach you how to work in harmony, providing you with a foundation that will continue to strengthen in heart, mind, and body connection – in everything, you do together with your horse and beyond. There will be plenty of time to practice attunement, mindfulness, and energy embodiment exercises with your horse or if you have not brought your horse can be practiced just as effectively with yourself.


Learning to become mindful is not only transformational but also a roadmap to your authentic self AND will help you to become the best friend, leader, and partner your horse needs, In addition, you will learn how these exercises will benefit your everyday life with other areas of your life without horses. Energy balancing and, mindfulness are key focal points of this workshop and the gateway to accessing you and your horse’s potential, holistically, naturally, and organically. 

We will not only celebrate the Summer Solstice on the 21st  which for example in ancient Chinese culture honours the earth, femininity, and the force known as yin, we will also be holding a full moon circle, which is a great way for friends to come together and work with the full moon. 



  • 4 interactive presentations (ie QiGong, Yin Yoga, Drumming Circle, Sound Bath Meditation

  • 2 topic workshops Herbs for Health, PEMF Therapy

  • daily refection breakout group discussion

  • celebration of the summer solstice fire and intention evening

  • full use of the facilities during attunement sessions

  • take home workbook​

  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner 

  • camping (no hook-up)

  • board for your horse if you are bringing yours (limit of 12 horses)


Thursday Afternoon

  • arrival if desired


Friday, Saturday & Sunday  

  • Private, retreat atmosphere

  • Workbook and study guide

  • Group, presentations, and discussion,

  • Experiential learning, meditation, simulations, and embodiment practices

  • Heart-mind-body guided exercises that apply to everyday life and your horsemanship

  • Attunement TIme- creating a sacred, intimate space for deep connections with your horse, or with yourself

  • Time for personal growth in the beautiful vortex of Dream Feather 

  • Community of like-minds who value and respect the wisdom of the horse

  • Sharing 3 healthy meals per day (no dinner on Sunday)


  •  personal necessities

  • yoga mat

  • a yoga strap or a belt

  • a shower or beach towel (for Yin Yoga)

  • a drum (if you don't have one we can supply you with one)

  •  chair (portable)

  • clipboard and pen

  • preparation for spending time outside ie sunscreen, bug spray, raincoat

  • any specific "fluids" you desire

  • refillable water bottle

  • refillable coffee/tea container

  • hay and feed if you are bringing your horse


  • please click on the registration form link to read about the option of registering before April 30, 2024

  • this conference will have a maximum of 30 participants and 12 horses

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