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Mirror Me
The Miracle of Liberty

( on the ground)
A 2-Day Clinic Experience
June 8-9 2024

If you have ever loved the feeling when you don't have a halter and line on your horse and he follows you in the arena. Maybe you can even run with him and he runs as well.

But what if you could feel the connection of your horse as you do these things together, side by side, as partners, where your horse instead of following you, starts to move in synchronicity with you?

Through carefully crafted exercises and guided sessions, you will learn to communicate with your horse on a profound level, establishing a connection that transcends the physical. Witness the elegance of your horse mirroring your movements, a testament to the bond forged through respect, trust, and clear communication.

On the second day, we will be taking what you have learned to the playground and test out that same bond with an obstacle or two depending on your progress and confidence level. I believe in the therapeutic and enriching power of this unique connection. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a novice, the clinic offers an opportunity to explore the depths of harmony with your equine companion. Join us in unlocking the true potential of your partnership, where the language of movement becomes a symphony of unity between horse and human.

Cost : $350 (Limit of 6 students)

Includes: 12 hours of instruction


                 day stall

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