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Education Vacation 

An Education Vacation is a time for you and your horse to retreat from all things familiar. In

doing so, your leadership takes on a whole new level as your horse becomes dependent on

you as his herd of 2. You will be amazed how quickly this happens and I strongly encourage

everyone to do this at least once per year. 

Your days will be filled with the beauty of DFHC as you spend time here at our facility that sets you up for success. From indoor and outdoor arenas, a round pen, an obstacle course, and beautiful trails around the property, you will have the variety that is needed to keep both you and your horse interested and focused.  


Horses are offered grass pastures or if needed, a controlled area away from grass. You can stay close to your horse as you look out from wherever you are staying, He/she won't be far away.


Customize your own Learning Goals and Schedule with the help of our expert planning team. You can ask about lessons with Judy Griffiths- From The Ground Up Horsemanship or arrange to bring your own insured instructor to support your goals.

No matter how busy you want to be you will need to schedule plenty of time for you and your horse to play, practice, be together just have fun. Bring a friend or two and enjoy some time together (the human kind) as well as with your horse.

Education Vacation Details


Choice Of:

  • 2 to 3 hours of private or semi-private instruction per day with Judy Griffiths


  • arrange for your own instructor to be here

  • Q&A instruction per day

Use of:

  • outdoor arena

  • indoor Arena (lit for night)

  • round corral

  • obstacle playground

  • riding or walking on DFHC trails

  • small fridge, microwave, Keurig coffee maker

  • either paddock, indoor stalls (must have 2 horses), or panel stalls

  • freshwater for your horse each day 


  • Bunkie (sleeps 2) which includes a private forest paddock for your horse(s) across from the bunkie   or

  • free rustic camping which includes a panel stall next to your campsite


  • if you are local travel back and forth from home and we will look after your horse(s)


Not Included:

• Hay or feed for Horses

• Meals


Accommodations Costs                         Discussion Costs                                    Lesson Costs

$80 per night Bunkie

$150 per 2 nights

$200 per 3 nights

$20 each per night extra person

* bunkie has hydro and heat

N/C - Dry camping

 $20 per person

Fire Pit Q & A 

informal discussion on horsemanship (no horses) with Judy in the evening

$85 - 1 hour private

$100 - 1.5 hour private

$75 - 1.5 hour semi private (pp)

$20 - surcharge for outside instructor

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