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Invisible Transitions (Mounted)

A 2- Day Learning Experience 

 May 4-5 2024

How many of you have a horse that is always ready to go and is not too interested in slowing down or stopping? How about if you have a horse that you find hard to move forward and to keep moving? 

Asking Your horse so softly that it is invisible to anyone who is watching is an achievable goal. It also shows a level of partnership between horse and rider and is a goal that we should all aspire to.

This clinic will provide you with the information and tools that you will need to do just that.

Using the reins last to ask, leads to such soft communication it becomes invisible.

This will lead to all sorts of beautiful partnerships. Whether it be riding into your hands, bridleless riding or anything in between, you and your horse will become one, and gone will be using those reins for steering or stopping leading to a language that only you and your horse understand.


Cost : $350 (Limit of 6 students)

Includes: 12 hours of instruction


                 day stall

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