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The Playground at Dream Feather

Join us on one of the best talked-about Obstacle Parks in Ontario. This world-class park has 31 different obstacles that you can introduce your horse to and then move forward to finesse as you use your imagination to further the conversation with your horse calmly and with purpose.

The Obstacle Playground is an awesome way to cross-train or to come out and expand your horse's world on a safe, beautifully landscaped classroom.

Wednesday May 22

Saturday June 1

Tuesday June 18

Friday July 12

Tuesday July 30

Wed, August 14

Sunday August 25

Saturday September 14

  • park opens at 6 pm until dusk

  • $30 per person and horse 

  • $125 for a seasonal pass 

  • $250 to rent the park for a private group (maximum 12 people)

  • ask us about renting the park for competitions

  • visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent

  • all obstacles must be completed at a walk

  • professional instruction on-site (prior booking please)

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