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The 3 Pillars 
A 1-Day Learning Experience (on the ground) 
July 21, 2024

Do you wish that you could lead your horse without the fear of getting stepped on? Would you like to be more intriguing to your horse? How would it be if you started your own secret language of partnership that not only would keep you safe but would be welcomed by your horse?

Wouldn't it be great to have your horse ask you questions about what is best for him to do at any moment? 

THE 3 PILLARS TM is a clinic that teaches you the first 3 words that will create a foundation and will keep you safe around the stable every day as well as begining the journey of communication, partnership, and lightness.

This is an excellent learning opportunity for:

  • anyone new to horses

  • anyone wanting to learn new life skills for both human and horse

  • anyone who needs help with their horse's etiquette on the ground

  • anyone who would like to feel safer with their horse on the ground


Cost : $175 (Limit of 6 students)

Includes: 6 hours of instruction


                 day stall

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