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  • that true partnership starts "From The Ground Up”

  • safety and the confidence of the horse is a priority

  • that lightness is the conversation between horse and human and should be invisible

  •  fair but firm with horses, while striving to strike a balance between Rapport and Respect

  •  a solid foundation on the ground leads to the easier application of techniques of equitation in the saddle

  • I allow horses to approach and retreat from their thresholds of fear but understand that the element of progress must be there

  • I teach horses by using pressure to activate a reaction and then a release from it to provide comfort (the learning phase)

  •  I use stages of understanding with everything I ask of a horse as this creates lightness!

  • the importance of getting to the horse’s mind first and then to his feet

  • I use the natural ways of equine herd dynamics, to understand how to think as they do


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  • I will always be a student


  • I teach  the human to teach their own horse

  • I am a teacher, not just an instructor

  • I am always aware of the safety and confidence of the client and the horse

  • I believe in an educated client

  • I teach the person, as I understand that each person learns differently

  • I also teach the foundation principles of riding with your seat and core firstly with emphasis on straightness and balance.

  • I respect that you have chosen me to support your learning

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