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Sunday, February 11, 2018        1pm - 4pm

Gathering at Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre Clubhouse

Rapport, Respect, Impulsion, Flexion

Rapport lives in the Heart

Respect lives in the Mind

Impulsion lives in the Emotions

Flexion lives in the Body


Join us for this horseless workshop, to explore what is meant by these 4 statements and how their order of development with horses is important to form a true partnership and collection with your horse.


There will be lots of time for discussion, questions and solutions, as well as take-home notes for you to continue your study.


Keep warm and keep engaged with your horsemanship this winter. Come out to meet old friends and meet some new ones.

Donation: $10.00 (to cover the cost of refreshments, handouts)

Please RSVP

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