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Don't Let It Flicker Out

Who stops you from achieving your goals? Sometimes the answer is right there in the mirror and although some of you might be annoyed at me for asking this, as it is something that does live deep within us, but please keep reading...

You may find yourself saying…”it’s not my fault”, I don’t have the time.. I don’t have the finances...I don’t have the right horse, I don’t have the help or…or…or…. Many of these things may be a reality in your life, but I also know that everything in our life is also a choice, and the ability to choose to move forward, is just as real as the ability to choose not to. 

I also know is that every one of you has the potential to do amazing things to overcome those challenges no matter what they are and to find a way to begin to live your dream again.. you just need a reason.



How about the reason that this was your dream.. that you enjoyed the smell of your horse, felt something special through touch, you craved the solitude, the connection, the reason to get up in the morning. The time with your horse was something that was you, that you cherished, that meant something, that kept you focussed and filled a sacred spot in your life.


Whether you are overcoming an incredible physical challenge or need to overcome fear or unconfidence, think about how to turn adversity into happiness and no matter what you are dreaming about in the quiet moments of your day, find a solution, talk about it, make it happen. I have worked with students who have become crippled with self-doubt, paralyzed with not knowing how to move forward in their horsemanship, and fearful to ever ride again and were ready to just give up. The only limitation is the one you put on yourself. Horsemanship is way more than riding!!!


Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!” Don’t give up because I know that the flame never really dies in your soul. It is like a pilot light of your love of horses and can ignite to a more powerful burn if we just let go and allow it to be. Don't let it flicker out.  ~jg~

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