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Which of These Partnership Mistakes
Are You Making with Your Horse?


I know and appreciate that some of you are not on Facebook to see ads. And even if you were, the way that Facebook does their ad campaigns are sometimes easily missed and fleeting to say the list. 

Many of us horse lovers come out to the barn and we have limited time to work with our horses. We have a busy schedule and when we go out, we want to make sure we're maximizing our results for the time that we're investing and a cooperating partner goes a long way!


I am NOT a psychotherapist but over the years, I have developed an eye for telling a great deal. by watching a little of the interaction between people and their horses!


To help as many people as possible, I developed a short FREE quiz that gives me the information I need to put together a personalized report for you and your horse and that will allow me to point out a few mistakes you may be making with your horse in your day to day horsemanship and the solutions to them. Small but important changes usually make the biggest difference. Also, they say, “a problem clearly defined is 90% solved.”

Take this FREE 2-Minute Quiz to Find Out Which Of These Partnership Mistakes You Are Making with Your Horse, so that I can offer you an opportunity to receive their own personal report on " What are Your Horsemanship Mistakes" 

Sometimes we want to be perfect for our horses and when we are stuck on that, even if it is in our unconscious energy, our horse knows it which often causes our actions to come from frustration and fear (the frustration of why he won't do something or fear of him not liking me or of you doing the wrong thing. It is these emotions that keep us from true leadership. It limits our positive outcomes for both horses and humans.

This quiz report will help you to understand that there is something that you can do to change this.

After that, if you are interested in learning the techniques of what to do to Get Better and then Be Better, we will have all of the links for you to find out the how. 

Take the first step by following the link below to find out how this one report has helped every one of my students and their horses.

See you on the other end.....  judy

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