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It sometimes takes a life's journey to find ourselves, find our knowledge, find our gratitude. I continue mine not because I am driven but because it enlightens me. ~JG~

My Journey Continues


Private or Semi-Private

Every lesson I teach and every student I work with deserves my full attention  You deserve 100% of my efforts in preparing and teaching a lesson which includes both theory and technique. You and your horse's safety and confidence are paramount. I teach at your level with consideration to being progressive enough that you will be left with lots to practise and feeling good about your successes.

Lessons are typically 1 to 1.5 hours in length


At DFHC or Your Facility


Clinics are usually 2 days in length with a minimum of 6 hours of instruction each day. Each clinic is topic specific and usually includes a discussion, theory and simulation portion and of course lots of hands on time with horses.

Enrollment is kept small so that each student has maximum time with the instructor.


Passing on The Passion


Judy is available for talks or seminars to small or large groups of children or adults who may be interested in the perspective of horse psychology and the use of Natural Horsemanship methods. With the use of a PowerPoint presentation, audience members will have a chance to be interactive as well as be inspired by these beautiful animals and how they see us in their world.



Learning Remotely


Don't let miles keep you from following your passion. We have available a full program that you can learn remotely. This is also a financially viable educational means with everything that in person clinics and lessons has plus great support by Judy herself.


 Judy Griffiths teaches people the principles of Natural Horsemanship & how the horse thinks

"Your horse doesn't take care of you, your horsemanship does"

Judy Griffiths

From The Ground Up Horsemanship 
c/o Dream Feather Natural Horsemanship Centre
2657 Brock Rd
Uxbridge, Ontario
Canada L9P1R4 

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