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I have had horses in my life for over 30 years. My youth was spent riding at the Eglinton Equestrian Club north of Toronto and competing in small district shows, not because I wanted to but because that was what everyone else that “loved” horses was doing. There was a riding lesson every Thursday and then showing on the weekends. I knew even then that it was the time I spent with my school horse on the ground, before and after the lesson that spoke to my heart and reached me deeply.


Sometime later I became very fascinated with our Indigenous People and the relationship of trust, harmony and respect that they had with their horses. Where did that come from I wondered?


So for the next 20 years, I began my journey of discovery and while 'Natural Horsemanship’ has become mainstream now, the study of this topic would be remiss if it did not include the original master horsemen..our Indigenous People. It was through their knowledge of the rhythms of nature and the prey animal/herd dynamics that organic natural horsemanship began. It was their traditional training methods that established them as the forerunners of natural horsemanship way before our time.


One of the modern masters, Pat Parelli with his Natural Horsemanship background developed and marketed a program, where we could learn and understand that horse training was not so much about the results but about understanding the psychology of the horse and creating a bond FROM THE GROUND UP. It was this philosophy and these principles that embodied and piloted me to study Parelli Natural Horsemanship for the next 15 years becoming a Parelli Professional in 2010.


My time as a Parelli  2 Star Professional afforded me many opportunities that I am very thankful for. It prepared me to have the confidence to go out on my own and to pass on this passion. Having been a Parelli Instructor, gave me the credibility to teach and to demonstrate across Ontario. I have spoken to groups of different ages and interests on the topic of “Speaking Horse” and the boundaries of this beautiful animal. in my teachings, I emphasize the importance of body language to the horse and have even linked it to anti-bullying programs for school groups, university sports teams, and corporate groups. Learning from horses is multi-dimensional and often changes the way we see the world and the people in it.


I have studied with some of the best horsemen and want to particularly thank Pat and Lynda Parelli as well as Fawn Anderson and especially my mentor Ron Pyne for being a very important part of my development as a horseman.


In 2016, I departed from the Parelli Corporation and am now very excited to continue my passion for teaching others From The Ground Up and continue to study and attend clinics, as I am a perpetual student. As I continue my journey, I have learned from masters over the last 15 years but no one has taught me more about how to think like a horse, than my horses. 

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