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@ JG: u can basically repeat what u said in the email but change it a bit.

I would magnify the importance of the HQ yield and that it can LITERALLY save their life. I think this is a SUPER important lesson for them and their horse.


I'd also emphasize the following:

- the total investment for them to learn this life-saving technique is less than 10 mins (two videos below are less than 5 mins each)

- they only need 5 -10 mins to practice this. They can do that during their warm up.

- This is simple but will need repetition to master it. I heard, "frequency before excellence" and that's gold.

- this could also save their child's life if they have a kid.

...and now your free lesson

Text for the intro

Text for the stall

Text for the back up

Text for putting the brakes on

Text for riding wiggles


Can you now see how reviewing this one piece of knowledge either while on the ground or while riding will come in very handy.

Have you had an occasion where your horse has wanted to go forward and you have found yourself being dragged or hanging on to the saddle and hoping for the best? Tell me about it.

Also, leave me a message to let me know how you did with this exercise.



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